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Development Director
Salvation Army World Services Office (SAWSO)

The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO), a division of The Salvation Army, opened in 1977 and is designed to find lasting solutions to poverty around the world. Since the beginning, SAWSO personnel have maintained the original aim: to help people help themselves through sustainable programs that improve living conditions, raise skill levels, increase productivity and instill self-confidence.

SAWSO works in the following program areas:  Anti-Human Trafficking, HIV/AIDS, Community Health, Disaster Relief, Economic Empowerment, Microfinance and others. Goals in each of these program areas are realized through partnerships with local communities, other Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), various US government funding agencies and donors.

SAWSO as a division of The Salvation Army, the international Headquarters of which is in London, is based in the United States and supports programming throughout the world. SAWSO’s unique strategy is to leverage the global strength of The Salvation Army or ‘One Army’ to maximize the deployment of resources and expertise. To that end, the Salvation Army

maintains a presence in 125 countries and in terms of institutional strength maintains throughout the world: 2615 schools, 235 hospitals and health clinics and 8,580 distinct offices. Throughout the world, there are 50,000 indigenous army personnel and the Army has been in existence148 years. SAWSO’s programming efforts use this organizational infrastructure as a basis for their efforts.

The second and equally important factor of the Salvation Army is its Christian foundation. Founded in the ‘Wesleyan’ tradition in the mid 1860s, The Salvation Army is an ‘army’ of Salvationists and is organized and managed using a traditional military structure, yet sees its role to work with organizations regardless of denomination. The Salvation Army mission: “The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.” SAWSO’s philosophical basis is grounded in Christian faith and its organizational structure parallels the organizational structure of The Salvation Army.

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Current Situation:

SAWSO, based in The United States, currently maintains an operating budget of between $15-

20 million dollars on an annual basis and a staff at headquarters of 16 people.  As a result of the recently completed strategic planning process, SAWSO expects to grow to $38M per year in annual revenue over the next 5 years. Most of the revenue growth will result from increased major donor participation and increased financial support from foundations. Historically, SAWSO’s work in the program areas described below was funded through grants from USAID, US Dept of State, and modest support from individual donors or foundations. Their strategic review of the funding community interests now recognizes substantial potential support from individual donors and foundations, in addition to their more traditional funding support. The leadership, supported by the departments, has developed a strategic plan that reflects the overall growth of SAWSO’s efforts.

In addition to their core international community development programming, SAWSO is involved in international emergency response when requested by International Headquarters. SAWSO is more heavily involved as emergency response moves to recovery.  . Recent examples of their work include economic recovery for the tsunami ravaged areas in Japan and the extraordinary relief efforts undertaken for Haiti. SAWSO will remain the key focal point for any international emergent response on behalf of The Salvation Army.

The new Development Director will be responsible for these annual development targets. SAWSO has created the Development Department, which will have its own operating budget, staffing plan, technology commitment and key strategic relationships with marketing communications and other development offices within The Salvation Army. The new Director will drive the growth in this department with the resources referenced, building upon the existing development efforts which generate about $15 Million per year.

The interest in the growth of SAWSO is supported throughout the organization worldwide and is driven by the extraordinary work that SAWSO supports on behalf of The Salvation Army. Below are brief program descriptions of the areas of work.

Health Sector (Community Health)

SAWSO’s work in this sector focuses primarily on community-based approaches to improving the health of vulnerable women and children.  Past and current programs in these areas include , maternal and child health, nutrition, malaria, control of diarrhea disease, pneumonia case management, immunization, maternal and newborn care, breast feeding, and Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses.

Health Sector (HIV/AIDS)

SAWSO’s work in this sector focuses on community-based approaches to prevention and care in the area of HIV/AIDS.  Past and current programs in these areas include support for orphans and vulnerable children impacted by HIV/AIDS, community-based HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns, home-based care for people living with HIV/AIDS, access to anti-retroviral treatment programs, and nutritional support and counseling for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Empowerment and Livelihoods Sector

SAWSO’s work in these sectors focuses primarily on strategies for the empowerment of women and girls and the promotion of sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable households.  Past and current programs in these areas include savings groups, vocational training, small business training, human trafficking prevention, and gender-based violence prevention.

Education and Child Development Sector

SAWOS’s work in this sector focuses on support for Salvation Army programs for children and youth around the world.  Past and current programs include schools, children’s homes, and daycare or afterschool programs.  Within these the programs we focus on access to high-quality education, positive psycho-social development, and the promotion of the rights of children and youth.

SAWSO expects its efforts in these areas will expand dramatically based on their past experience, and future plans. Below is a description of some of their work throughout the world:

Specific Role:

The Development Director will report directly to the Executive Director of SAWSO, Lieutenant Colonel Joan Canning. The Director will be responsible for SAWSO’s total development program, including the management of department staff, establishing and leading fundraising and communications strategies and goals across the organization and supporting SAWSO
operations, programmatic initiatives and working closely with the executive leadership of SAWSO and other Salvation Army Development offices to achieve the fundraising goals. The Development Director is expected to maintain current fundraising goals of $4 million annually with a progressive plan for growth that achieves $20 million in new dollars, annually by the fifth year.

Leadership Support

The Development Director provides senior-level advancement expertise to the Executive Director.  The Development Director manages the Executive Director’s time and portfolio assignments with top donors and prospects assuring timely engagements.  The Development Director in consultation with the Executive Director sets annual goals and strategies for raising funds and implements systems for tracking achievement. The Development Director maintains open and ongoing communications with the Executive Director, providing complete and accurate activity reports, revenue forecasts and situation analyses on a regular basis.


The Development Director implements a comprehensive and cost-effective development plan that supports the mission and goals of SAWSO.   The Development Director is expected to build a robust and diverse fundraising platform through a mix of individual, corporate, and foundation giving.  The Development Director directs the major gift efforts, maintains relationships, and develops what will become a donor base specifically focused on international contribution, potentially building upon the base of local/regional, national and international donors of The Salvation Army. The Development Director assures continued and increasing support for annual and program funds. The Development Director works closely with the Controller to assist in the budget process by creating a cohesive development plan with clear financial goals and implementing necessary budgeting and financial analysis guidelines to coincide with specific fundraising efforts.  The Development Director recognizes contributions promptly, appropriately, and accurately, including overseeing the timing and acknowledgement of responses commensurate with level of donation.


The Development Director, participates in hiring, supervises, develops, evaluates and directs the work of a high-performing development team.  The Development Director will build this team commensurate with fundraising goals and success. The initial staff will include one grant writer and a communications manager; and, at a later point, determined by success, the new Development Director could also hire a corporate and foundation specialist and an annual and individual gifts specialist. The Development Director manages the fundraising team professionally to ensure compliance with SAWSO’s policies, procedures and regulations.  The Development Director develops and reviews policies and procedures for the development
office, including gift acceptance policies, seeking Executive Director approval as necessary.  The Development Director oversees record maintenance, including databases and their maintenance, paper files and back-up files according to industry standards, retention policy, and general principles of ethics.


The Development Director serves as SAWSO’s senior representative in fundraising and serves as an executive liaison to Executive Director.   In serving in this capacity, the Development Director must be a skilled communicator and an engaging speaker who can articulate a clear and compelling case for support to potential funders.  The Development Director coordinates appropriate public relations efforts and advises on efforts to bring greater visibility to the organization and advance donor outreach.  This official designs marketing campaigns for large corporations that will attract sponsors and increase the visibility of the SAWSO.  The Development Director supervises the preparation of fundraising materials and correspondence on a timely basis, including proposals, applications, letters, case statements, letters of intent, funders’ reports, gift receipts and planned gift materials for bequests, charitable remainder trusts with outside management, life insurance, life estates, and retirement funds.  The Development

Director works closely with the IT staff to assure SAWSO’s website has maximum impact for donor support and effortless payment.

Major Objectives:

SAWSO expects the new Development Director to accomplish the following major objectives over the next 12-18 months:

•     Establish and lead the development team professionally and efficiently in a manner consistent with SAWSO’s mission, vision, and values;
•     Meet the established annual fundraising goals reflected in the strategic plan, and, where appropriate revise the goals in accordance and agreement with the Executive Director;
•     Implement a diverse, comprehensive development plan that includes individual donors, foundations, corporate, and matching funds for federal and state government funding;
•     Plan and implement a dedicated IT system for managing fundraising activities;
•     Build, motivate, and train a resourceful development team that works to support the efforts of the senior management team, the divisional directors and SAWSO’s program sites.

Professional Qualifications:

The following qualifications are preferred in the new Development Director:

•     At least 7-10 years of professional experience managing successful development teams for nonprofit organizations;
•     Significant achievement in the areas of major gifts, including solicitation of six- or seven-figure gifts;
•     Demonstrated skills in the cultivation of strong donor relationships and in developing strategies for planning, cultivating, implementing and administering complex gift situations;
•     Ability to improve the effectiveness of the organization and achieve targeted goals by means of strategic positioning, direction, and leadership;
•     Significant experience working with the philanthropic community nationally and internationally;
•     Demonstrated experience with the prospect/donor management capabilities of current fundraising software applications, such as Raiser’s Edge and/or Donor Perfect.

Personal Characteristics

The following characteristics are preferred in the new Development Director:

•     A strong drive to assist in improving the lives of individuals and families with a passionate commitment to SAWSO’s mission;
•     Entrepreneurial approach to identifying new major donors and funding sources;
•     Strong interpersonal and motivational skills, including ease and skill in cultivating relationships with people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and circumstances;
•     Excellent writing, presentation, analytical, and public speaking skills;
•     Healthy respect for colleagues, employees, and superiors with ability to work with and navigate the culture and processes of The Salvation Army;
•     Goal-oriented, project-oriented, and achievement-oriented;
•     Strong sense of honor and integrity;
•     A sense of humor.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience, skills and market. Please contact for additional information: Christine Boulware, 312-322-0088

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