Case Studies in Executive Recruitment

We Find Leaders that Shape Our Clients' Futures

  • Housing Director Executive Search

    National Housing Initiative

    Regional Directors The idea of corporate citizenship has been called “fuzzy” and “woolly” in the pages of Fortune and The Economist. We think otherwise. In our experience, all organizations have responsibilities to the communities and public they serve. While these responsibilities will vary, we know …

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  • Transportation And Infrastructure31

    Transportation and Infrastructure

    Managing Director Rail Passenger Carrier Organization The Boulware Group’s transportation portfolio includes searches in airport management, passenger rail, mass transit and municipal regulatory agencies. Our industry-wide perspective on current challenges and future opportunities has taken shape from our work with transportation leaders over the past …

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  • Woman And Girls Association2

    Foundations and Non Profits

    Executive Director for Womens & Girls Foundation Grant-making is both an art and a science. To make grant-making decisions that leverage benefits in an ever-changing world, foundation leaders must be thought-leaders with vision. The work of foundations are highly nuanced and strategic. Yet in today’s …

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  • Healthcare Case Study


    Executive Director for a Healthcare Association At Stake: Access to affordable healthcare for a disadvantaged and at-risk community, and the continued viability of a longtime local social services provider. The Background: The regional arm of a nationally-known healthcare and reproductive rights organization had fallen on …

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  • Economic Growth

    Community and Economic Development

    President/CEO Housing & Community Economic Development The main attractor of funding in this burgeoning field is not local need, but local capacity to address local needs. As communities organize themselves to plan and implement their redevelopment, the private sector is recognizing the strength of markets …

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  • Energy Sufficiency

    Energy & Environmental

    Executive Director of new Environmental Foundation Until recently, the polarization of corporations and conservationists in America appeared to be etched in stone. But new imperatives have surfaced and polarization is giving way to partnership. Since 1990, The Boulware Group has worked with leading-edge clients to …

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