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Frequently Asked Questions.


You may have a number of questions of how our firm operates, and the guarantees we offer.  Therefore, we have compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive on a daily basis and answered them here.  However, if there is a question that is not here, please feel free to contact us and ask us personally, we’d love to hear from you.

Q: What are the Broad Steps You Follow in Your Search Process?
Q: How Long does Your Search Process Take?
Q: What if the person you recommend doesn’t work out?
Q: Who would be conducting our search?
Q: How Much does all this Work Cost, and How do you Bill?
Q: We are interested in retaining your services, how do we start the process?
Q: Do you advertise online, in newspapers, in magazines?
Q: How important is cultural, racial, ethnic diversity to your process?