Our Competitive Advantage

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Our Competitive Advantage

Since our inception in 1990, we have specialized in finding the kind of leadership that progressive institutions in all sectors and of all sizes need
in order to thrive in a rapidly changing economic and political landscape. The Boulware Group understands that all organizations, like the people who comprise them, are unique and diverse; it is that which gives organizations and institutions their unique perspective and their ability to serve the communities in which they exist. Though many organizations may share somewhat similar missions, each has its own “personality” – a specific set of characteristics that makes it distinctive.

Our clients turn and return to us for two reasons: the strategic counsel we offer during all phases of the search; and our history and experience in searching across sectors and boundaries.

We differ from Other Search Firms in Three ways:

ARigor and Results.
We are leaders seeking leaders: a firm whose senior associates have themselves held leadership positions in their areas of professional specialization. We have a reputation for delivering the gifted senior executives whose contributions to their organizations not only meet but also exceed client expectations. The key to delivering such results consistently is the rigor of our search process.

BInsight and Innovation.
Our mission is to find excellence in leadership wherever it may be found. This is not a matter of simply overlooking limiting boundaries – racial, cultural, ethnic, gender, economic, and, sometimes, professional – but of having a perspective on leadership that impels us to search across them for genuine leaders who will meet our clients’ real needs. Since 1990, we have been finding leaders in places where other search firms did not think to look.

CValues and Diversity. The Boulware Group has a commitment to progressive organizations promoting the public interest. It is a commitment to honesty, integrity, humanism, and value-centered leadership in our search process and also in the kind of leadership that we hold in highest regard. At a minimum, this means that we place value on a candidate’s commitment to the responsibilities that any organization has to the community and public it serves. Since 1990, we have worked to develop diverse candidate pools in every search we undertake.

Always, we engage our clients in the process of learning about and evaluating candidates of diverse backgrounds and cultures. In looking for leadership across boundaries, we focus only on excellence. The result is that in over 60 per cent of our nearly 400 searches, our clients have selected as the final hire a professional from a diverse culture.

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